Improve focus to get things done effectively

As far as I’ve heard last, there wasn’t a single soul I spoke to who didn’t wish to focus better in everyday chores. As a developer myself, I struggled with keeping focusing as I had gotten used to the habit of being glued to the computer for hours and ended up with chronic stress. When this kinda routine didn’t prove effective, I got demotivated and cursed my ability to program. This habit got so worse that it led to anxiety and stress disorders.

Practising empathy at workplaces

Empathy is the human ability to put oneself in other person’s shoes and feel what they feel. In other words, being compassionate although you haven’t experienced the same emotions.
For instance, it’s like when you watch a movie and you are sad or mad about things happening on the screen. If we can feel empathetic about movies it should be easy to feel the same way in real life too, right?

A woman developer's survival guide

Often I notice and hear that women developers find it hard to cope with the norms of IT which eventually leads to them switching to a non-STEM career. Clearly, a large number of women demonstrate inclination towards STEM fields during high school and college, but when it comes to pursuing a career the number reduces exponentially.

Custom Toast

Certainly, toasts were boring and I'm sure you have resorted to a better message library but you could now use custom views to display toasts.

So, now you can dress up your toast to show some simple app messages/notifications. You could also have an image in them. If you would have to add a custom toast layout to a toast to show a message, you would have to do the following.

Create the custom layout for your toast.

Gradle: Print dependency graph for Android

While using gradle build in Android Studio or IntelliJ you might face the duplicate dependency issues when you have multiple libraries using the same dependencies and each might have different versions added within them. So, it becomes important to print and take a look at what dependencies each library has and exclude them.

So, to print the dependency graph for all dependencies of the app module.

Go to terminal and type in the root folder.

gradle :app:dependencies


gradle app:dependencies

Few things to keep in mind while switching jobs

            In the last 6+ years of my career, I have worked at multiple firms in different roles and every time I changed a job, the experience has never been more fulfilling. Besides the process of finding a new one, which could get excruciating at times, I learned something new about the job types, technology and the people I associated with. I can honestly admit it was NOT one of the easiest things to do in the initial days of my career. Now, I can proudly say my journey from Mumbai to Bengaluru to Berlin has not been anything less than adventurous. 

Hosting Sencha app on Raspberry Pi

     I'm super excited as this is my first Raspberry Pi project. If a tiny computer allows you to do a plethora of things effortlessly isn't it great? Particularly for Linux users playing around with Raspberry Pi should be a child's game.

      What I'm trying to attempt here is pretty straight-forward. I will be hosting a Sencha app on Raspberry Pi by making it the web-server.


  1. Raspberry Pi with Raspbian OS running on it. 
   2. An ethernet connection.

Tutorial three: How to set up a git repository?

Local git repository:

             Setting up a local repository is pretty simple. By local repository I mean making your project a git repo on your work-station.  

            Open git-bash. Navigate to your project folder. In my case it is \android-test.

  Sowmya\android-test$ git init                                                     

Why do cell phone batteries explode?

          Ever since the inception of battery technology in 1700's, we must admit that there hasn't been much of a revolutionary breakthrough to account for even after almost 300 years. Batteries have only been re-engineered by either shrinking, using different electrodes or by packing them differently. The amount of energy that is produced by fossil fuels is much more compared to the electric batteries, the reason why they need to be more tightly packed  to increase the efficiency making them more vulnerable and dangerous.

Tutorial Two: Git terminologies

             This post is a continuation of Tutorial one: Git basics. One of the challenges I faced while learning Git was the keywords used. Once you know what each command means your life becomes a lot simpler. It would definitely take a few screws up to get a hang of it. But the best part is every screw-up can be undone.

1. Config: 'git config' allows you to get or set any repository or global options. It allows you to set variables in the config file.